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Cities On Ice provide skates-on and skates-off areas, with seating available in both areas. We also provide a viewing area only of course if there is room!

We can also supply ultra-violet lighting and music to help create that special party atmosphere! Marquee hire is available from us and we can also arrange a DJ or live entertainment if required.

Add the 'Wow' factor to your skating party ...
If you are planning a corporate event or party, you may wish to go one step further and hire an ice bar or ice walls from Cities On Ice.


Cities On Ice - How Ice Rinks Works

How Ice Rinks Work

Our ice rinks are made with REAL ice and can be made to fit any area, suitable from 50 to 500 people. They can be open-air or covered but it needs to be mentioned that open-air ice rinks are much more vulnerable to the weather and we recommend using a Marquee to cover the ice rink.

We recommend 1 pair of skates are hired per square metre of ice with a few extra pairs available, this allows your guests to put on their skates whilst other visitors continue skating. We stock both figure skating and hockey ice skates available in various sizes. We would recommend the latter for the beginner skater.

The ice rink is constructed on a level platform or ground with 75mm of insulation. Ribbons are then laid down to create the ice rinks width and length and are attached to what we call 'headers', these run to the chillers which cool the glycol down to -12 degrees centigrade and pump it round the rink 24 hours a day.

Barriers are put in place and then we switch the chillers on. When the temperature of -12 degrees centigrade is reached and the ribbons are freezing we begin spraying water onto the ribbons. It generally takes 4 days to build the ice rink with constant spraying when the chillers are on until the correct thickness of ice has been achieved.

ice bars & ice walls


Frozen marquee walls and bars! Great with ultra-violet lighting ...

ice rink venues


'Windsor On Ice', every Christmas near Windsor Castle ...

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Parties and corporate functions with ice rink and marquee hire ...